Excursion to Normandy

You will begin your day in the gardens of the famous French Impressionist artist, Claude Monet. Monet's extensive gardens, including the water garden where he painted the waterlilies, are a tranquil and beautiful spot to begin your day. Later, you'll be in the heart of Rouen– a town famous for its Gothic churches and medieval atmosphere. The walking tour with ESA faculty will visit the site where Joan of Arc died, the "wedding cake" Cathedral and medieval streets.

Weekend Excursion: Chateaux Country, the Loire Valley

Our weekend excursion to the historic and picturesque region of the Loire includes two nights in the charming city of Tours and breakast each day. We'll begin our weekend with a stop in Amboise, home of many French kings, as well as the reknowned artist, Leonardo da Vinci, who was the guest of King Francis I. Then we're off to Tours where will be staying at a comfortable three star hotel. After arriving in Tours, we'll visit the cathedral and the old town with its half-timbered Place Plumereau via the Petit train. Saturday stops include the historic, medieval town of Loches (it's market day!), followed by the beautiful gardens of Villandry. Enjoy the sites, restaurants and evening out in Tours with your ESA friends. On Sunday , we'll complete our séjour with a lovely lunch at amazing Chenonceau Castle on Friday. Originally built as a hunting lodge, this chateau is a testament to the rivalry between Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Médici.


Chambord castle

ESA has it all!

There are many study abroad options available but how many include all of these activities in the base price? Not only are ESA dorms located in one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Paris, your weekend trip to the Loire, day-long excursion to Giverny & Rouen, the walking tours & museum visits, as well as the civilization lectures and language classes are all included.