Films about Paris

Here are some films you might enjoy to learn more about the history of Paris. IMDb (the Internet Movie Database), informational or website companion links are provided. You may want to check your local library or campus language lab, too. (Films are marked "E" for English and "F" for French.) Some may also be available on YouTube, the companion sites or via Blockbuster or Netflix.

    Joan of Arc
    (E, F) Lots of versions: try the Ingrid Bergman film or more recent ones. (IMDb)
    The Return of Martin Guerre
    (F) Medieval France (IMDb)
    Queen Margot
    (F) Renaissance France (IMDb)
    (F) 17th century France (IMDb)
    Opera: Manon
    (F) 18th century France (Wikipedia Info)
    Marie Antoinette
    (E) Pre-revolutionary France. Try the controversial Sofia Coppola version with its pop music soundtrack (IMDb) or this documentary by PBS
    (E) Good documentary (PBS)
    The Impressionists
    (E) British film (IMDb)
    Camille Claudel
    (F) Story of Rodin & his mistress (IMDb)
    The Count of Monte Cristo
    (F) 19th century France, TV miniseries (IMDb)
    A Very Long Engagement
    (F) World War I & why it's important to France (IMDb). We strongly encourage those taking part in the Meaux excursion to watch this film.
    Joyeux Noel
    (F) World War I story (IMDb)
    (F) Comtemporary French love story (IMDb)
    (F) Documentary (Louvre channel on YouTube)
    (F) Documentary (View it online here.)